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Dino Cajic is currently the Chief Digital Officer at Vector Laboratories. He came from his previous Chief Digital Officer role at Absolute Biotech, the parent company of LSBio (LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.)Absolute AntibodyKerafastEverest BioTechNordic MUbio and Exalpha. In this role, he blends his extensive IT expertise with digital marketing strategies to drive growth and innovation across the company’s diverse biotech portfolio.

Alongside his role at Absolute Biotech, Dino continues to serve as the CEO at My Auto System, leveraging over a decade of software engineering experience. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Biology, a background that has been instrumental in his journey through the digital space. His experience spans creating enterprise-level e-commerce applications, conducting research-based software development, crafting IT visions for various organizations, and disseminating knowledge through writing.

Educating others remains a core passion for Dino. He is committed to sharing daily articles on a wide array of topics in the IT and digital domains. These include tutorials on various programming languages, insights into IT and digital leadership, software development business practices, and the integration of these disciplines in the evolving technological landscape.

Dino Cajic

Hire a Fractional CDO or CIO

As a seasoned consultant with extensive experience as both a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), I offer a unique dual perspective that blends technological infrastructure management with innovative digital strategy. My services are tailored to businesses seeking to revolutionize their digital presence while optimizing their IT operations. Leveraging my broad skill set, I guide organizations through complex digital landscapes, ensuring their technology strategies align seamlessly with their overarching business goals for sustained growth and success.

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Code Along With Me – PHP: From Basic to Advanced PHP Techniques. PHP is leaps and bounds above where it started. It’s an elegant and modern programming language.

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An Illustrative Introduction to Algorithms covers the common algorithms a Computer Science student would learn throughout their time in college.

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Laravel Excel: Using Laravel to Import Data. Every company that I’ve ever worked for benefits or can benefit from data imports. This book focuses on the Laravel-Excel package.

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Understanding that people have diverse preferences in how they consume information, I’ve dedicated efforts to providing content through three key mediums: books, articles, and videos. Each format offers a unique approach to exploring IT concepts, ensuring that the content is accessible and engaging for a wide audience.

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An Illustrative Introduction to Algorithms with Java

Get ready for a new book. This time I’ve picked the top Algorithms out of the first book and added code to it. Coming Spring 2024.

An Illustrative Introduction to Algorithms

The book that started it all. Wrap your mind around Algorithms visually.

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Top Articles

Some of the reader favorites. With over 15 years of experience, I’ve gone through it all. I’ve lived the Junior Developer to Lead Developer journey and have transitioned to a life past daily development.

Post Development, I’ve held jobs such as Development Manager, IT Director, Director of Software Engineering, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer (CTMO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for various companies. I know how the business side thinks as well as the IT/Marketing side.

With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, and now at the forefront of digital transformation in biotech, Dino is dedicated to providing transparent insight into the field, demonstrating how technology and digital strategies can synergistically drive business success and innovation.

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Improving the Quantum Time Dynamically in the Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm

Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm

The Preemptive Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm is an important scheduling algorithm used in both process scheduling and network scheduling. Processes are executed for a predefined unit of time called a quantum. Once the CPU executes the process for the specified time slice, the process either terminates or returns to the back of the ready queue if the process has any remaining burst time left. I proposed having predefined optimized quantum times for most process that can be retrieved whenever a new process enters the ready queue

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An optimized approach to the Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm. Taking the Dynamic Approach vs the normal static quantum method.

Mobile Operating System Verification Layer for Preventing Spoofed Mobile Application Installation

Mobile application spoofing is a serious problem that enterprise sectors have a tough time combating. Applications can have an identical package name as the application that the enterprise user is attempting to install, which in theory would bypass enterprise security. This paper focuses on apps spoofing enterprise level apps.

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