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I’m Dino Cajic, a dedicated professional with a solid grounding in computer science from Georgia State University. My career has been a journey through various software development roles, leading to my current position as Chief Digital Officer. My experience includes founding My Auto System and contributing significantly in both IT and biotech sectors.

In addition to my professional work, I’m an author, sharing my expertise and passion for technology. My career reflects a commitment to innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving tech industry.


The Academic Foundations

My tryst with technology and science began at Georgia State University. As a Computer Science major with a minor in Biology, I was uniquely positioned at the intersection of digital innovation and the wonders of the natural world. This dual focus not only enriched my academic pursuits but also shaped my approach to problem-solving.

During my time at GSU, I was involved in undergraduate research, specifically in the realm of brain signal mapping. This endeavor was a testament to my desire to push the boundaries of knowledge. Beyond research, I took on the mantle of an undergraduate teaching assistant for the computer science department. This role was not just about imparting knowledge but also about learning from the fresh perspectives of new tech enthusiasts. My passion for community and collaboration found another outlet when I became the president of the computer science club. Here, I championed a culture of innovation, mutual growth, and a shared zeal for all things tech.

The Professional Ascent

Concurrently, I embarked on my professional journey as a software developer. My collaborations spanned a spectrum of industries—from wheel and tire distribution to the dynamic world of renewable energy finance. Each company, each project was a new canvas, allowing me to paint with my technical expertise and industry insights.

It was at the wheel and tire distributor, Western Wheel and Tire, that my leadership journey truly began. From being engrossed in lines of code, I was elevated to the strategic role of IT Director. This transition was monumental—it was about envisioning the future, ensuring robust tech infrastructures, and driving efficiency across the board.

My Auto System and Car Mod Guy

Harnessing my industry knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, I founded My Auto System. As its CEO, I launched a startup that zeroed in on creating SaaS products tailored for the wheel and tire industry. This venture was a testament to my commitment to addressing industry-specific challenges with cutting-edge technological solutions.

My entrepreneurial spirit soon beckoned, leading to the birth of my e-commerce venture in the wheel and tire domain called Car Mod Guy. This venture was a masterclass in juggling roles and responsibilities. From overseeing the company’s operations and charting its technological path as the CTO to spearheading marketing endeavors, every day was a lesson in leadership and adaptability.

Software Development Agency

The next chapter saw me at a software development agency, stepping into the shoes of a Software Development Manager. Here, I was instrumental in not just managing teams and projects but also in scaling the organization to new heights. My focus on growth—be it the team, clients, or the broader operational aspects—set the stage for a directorial role. But destiny had other plans.

Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer at Absolute Biotech

A unique opportunity presented itself with a biotech firm, one of six under the umbrella of a prominent private equity company. Entrusted with the role of IT Director, I was plunged into the intricate world of biotechnology at Absolute Biotech. This wasn’t just about understanding a new industry; it was about envisioning a unified technological landscape for multiple entities, each with its nuances and demands. My mandate was clear: to merge the technological infrastructures of these six biotech firms, ensuring synergy, efficiency, and forward-thinking innovation. Recognizing my efforts and the strategic vision I brought to the table, I was soon elevated to the role of CIO, where I continue to shape and harmonize the technological direction for this collective of biotech companies.

As Chief Information Officer, I led several transformative initiatives, leveraging technology to drive efficiency and innovation within the biotech firm:


DataCube Implementation

Spearheaded the development and deployment of DataCube, a centralized data management system, enhancing data accessibility and decision-making capabilities across the organization.


Consolidated Website Launch

Oversaw the creation of a new, consolidated website, integrating multiple biotech entities under one digital umbrella, thereby streamlining user experience and reinforcing brand identity.


Advanced Reporting with Tableau

Implemented Tableau for advanced reporting, enabling more sophisticated data visualization and analytics, which significantly improved business intelligence and operational insights.


Cloud Migration Strategy

Initiated and currently managing the transition to cloud computing, a strategic move aimed at boosting scalability, flexibility, and security in our IT infrastructure.


Automation Projects

Currently overseeing automation projects designed to enhance operational efficiency. These projects are focused on streamlining processes, reducing manual workload, and improving accuracy in various business functions.


Artificial Intelligence Integration

I am at the forefront of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into our operational framework. This ongoing initiative is centered around leveraging AI for predictive analytics and enhancing research capabilities. The aim is to utilize AI to provide advanced insights into market trends, customer behaviors, and operational efficiencies, as well as to support the development and optimization of our products and services. This strategic integration of AI stands to significantly elevate our data analysis capabilities, driving innovation and competitive advantage in the biotech sector.

As I continued to shape and harmonize the technological direction for the collective of biotech companies in my role as CIO, a new challenge and opportunity emerged. The organization recognized the need for a more integrated approach to technology and marketing in the rapidly evolving biotech landscape. This realization led to my elevation to the role of Chief Digital Officer (CDO), a position that would capitalize on my technical expertise and strategic vision to bridge the gap between IT and marketing.

Inheriting the marketing department as part of my new role, I was immediately tasked with an objective: to rapidly enhance the marketing team’s digital capabilities and significantly boost sales in a short timeframe. This was a daunting yet exhilarating challenge, as it required a swift and effective transformation of the marketing strategy.

My first step as CDO was to conduct a thorough assessment of the marketing team’s existing skills, tools, and strategies. Recognizing the need for rapid upskilling, I initiated an intensive training program focused on digital marketing techniques that were most relevant to our biotech products. This included training in data-driven marketing, digital advertising, SEO, and leveraging social media platforms to reach our target audience of researchers and healthcare professionals.

Simultaneously, I spearheaded the integration of advanced digital tools and analytics into our marketing processes. This integration was crucial for understanding customer behavior, market trends, and measuring the effectiveness of our campaigns. By harnessing data analytics, we were able to make informed decisions, tailor our marketing messages, and target our audience more effectively.

In my current role as Chief Digital Officer, I am spearheading a strategic 6-month plan to revolutionize our digital marketing and sales approach. This plan is designed to significantly enhance our biotech company’s presence in the antibody market through several key initiatives:


Revamping Our Online Presence

We’re transforming our website into a dynamic, user-friendly platform that not only showcases our antibody products but also serves as an educational resource for the scientific community.


Data-Driven Marketing

By integrating advanced digital tools and analytics, we aim to tailor our marketing strategies effectively, gaining valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends.


Targeted Digital Campaigns

We will launch targeted campaigns across various digital channels to highlight our product quality and applications, aiming to reach a wider audience and drive sales.


Enhancing Customer Engagement

A major focus will be on building strong relationships with our customers through personalized communication and tailored content, establishing our brand as a trusted partner in the antibody field.


Rapid Team Upskilling

I am committed to rapidly upskilling our marketing team with the latest digital marketing techniques, ensuring they are well-equipped to execute these new strategies effectively.

This plan is not just about short-term gains; it’s about setting a foundation for continuous innovation and positioning our company as a leader in the biotech industry. As I lead these initiatives, my goal is to blend my expertise in technology and marketing to drive growth and establish a strong digital footprint in the biotech sector.

The Author’s Journey

Parallel to my professional endeavors, I embarked on a journey as an author. Recognizing the challenges many faced in the tech community, I took to the pen, or rather the keyboard, to demystify complex topics. My first book tackled the intricate world of algorithms, breaking down concepts for both novices and seasoned professionals.

This was followed by a deep dive into ‘Laravel Excel,’ with a focus on imports, addressing a niche yet essential topic. My third book spanned the vast landscape of PHP, guiding readers from basic to advanced concepts. My commitment to knowledge-sharing continues as I persistently write, aiming to illuminate various computer science topics for eager learners.

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As I pause and reflect, from the lecture halls of Georgia State University to the boardrooms as a Chief Digital Officer, and from coding solutions to authoring books, my journey has been a tapestry of continuous learning, challenges, and milestones. It’s a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence and knowledge-sharing. Every challenge faced, every role embraced, and every page written has been a stepping stone, shaping me into the multifaceted professional I am today.

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