Being a software developer is great. Everyone wants to get in and as long as you call yourself a software developer you’re likely to get a high-paying job quickly. Software Developers have the leisure of not applying for jobs anymore. Recruiters are reaching out to them daily. The average length that a developer stays at a job has shrunk drastically. After all, why wait for a 3% raise when you can change jobs and negotiate a 20% increase? Developers have become spoiled in that sense. Nobody even cares that they’ve worked for 20 different companies in the last 5 years.

We’re starting to be consistent. PHP Constants are similar to variables except that they cannot change. They can’t change since constants are stored in the read-only-data segment. Why would you not want to keep data constant? A good example is when you want to store database connection information. You do not want to accidentally change the connection information somewhere later in your code and accidentally sever the database connection. How do we define constants in our code? With the define function. define() accepts two arguments: The first argument is the constant name. The second argument is the constant value.  

It doesn’t matter which degree you’re pursuing, the last thing that you want to happen is to feel like you wasted your money. How do you succeed in a Computer Science program? What is the optimal approach that you should take so that when you graduate with your B.S. in Computer Science, you’ll be ready for the workforce? I’ve gone through it and will share what worked for me when it comes to Computer Science Success. Hopefully these tips will work for you also. Proper Notes As easy as you may believe that taking notes is, it’s not as intuitive

Variable Variables? Was that a typo? Variable variables: no that’s not a typo. That’s what this topic is about. PHP variable variables are dynamic variables, meaning that you can generate variable names dynamically in PHP. How is this done? If you prepend a dollar sign to a string, the string will then become a variable. Let’s create a regular variable $a. The variable $a will contain the string “bear.” We’ll then create another variable, and this time we’ll add an additional dollar sign before it. We’ll call the new variable variable $$a.   <?php $a = “bear”; $$a = “cow”;

More Math? x + 3 = 5 Kind of Variables? I wrote about variables in the PHP Variables Intro article, but I’m going to dedicate the next two articles explaining variables even further. Three articles on variables? Yes. There’s that much material that needs to be covered. Recap: In PHP, variables start with a dollar sign, followed by either the underscore or a letter, followed by a series of letters, numbers, and/or underscores. They are case sensitive, so $awesome, $Awesome, $aWesome, and $AWesome are all different variables. PHP allows you to assign a value to a variable and then reassign

Software Developers solve problems. Due to this fact, they love to help. This is exaggerated with Senior Developers. Ask a Senior Software Developer for an explanation and you’ll get a proper response. There are outliers, however, from my own personal observations, most developers truly like to help, even if it ends up costing them. This is a great characteristic to have most of the time. There are situations when it starts to affect them, both professionally and personally. Solving Problems for Junior Developers Everyone goes through the Junior Developer stage. You don’t know how to tackle problems. You need experience

PHP Multidimensional Arrays: How Many Dimensions Deep Have you Been? What are PHP multidimensional arrays? Just think of an array within an array. In other words, it’s an array that stores arrays as elements. Those elements that are arrays themselves can have arrays as elements. The easiest way to explain this is with some examples. In the previous article on associative arrays, we looked at the $person array.     The $person array contains a few key/value pairs such as the person’s name, age, email, occupation, and book_title. The book_title represents the book the author has written. I would assume

I’d Like you to Meet my associate. What are PHP Associative Arrays? If you’re familiar with other programming languages, an associative array is pretty much a dictionary. Instead of accessing the array by using an index value, you’ll access it by using a key. That key points to a value. Keys in PHP can be integers or strings. If you attempt to store a floating point number as a key, it will be cast to an integer. Boolean value true will be case to 1 and false will be cast to 0. We can access a regular array with the index value of the

There are many causes of burnout. We’ve all experienced the Covid burnout: not being able to cope with the new lifestyle. Something just feels uneasy and your work degrades. You’re bombarded with negative news day and night. You lived in constant fear. There was no clear light at the end of the tunnel. The constant stress and anxiety caused your mind and your body to exhibit an elevated response and you crashed, hard. Now that we’ve returned to some sense of normalcy, we can get back to our normal burnout cycle. Burnout Cycle Each person is different with their tolerance,

The Imposter Syndrome. It’s so common of a term in software development that it’s not even necessary to define, but we’re still going to for the readers that may not have been exposed to the term. The imposter syndrome sums down to  feeling like a fraud. You’re constantly doubting your abilities and you believe that you don’t deserve the position that you just received. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, everyone in software development goes through this phase. The Various Syndromes Exhibited by Developers If you haven’t started exhibiting the imposter syndrome, it’s most likely because you’re still too