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Hundreds of Software Development Tutorials

I’ve spent years in software development and have been amazed at how difficult basic concepts are presented. Even as I was obtaining my degree in Computer Science, I spent most of the time teaching others programming.

Here you can sit and relax and watch my latest videos on programming and software development concepts. 

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Algorithms Visually Explained

Algorithms visually explained Series

Go through the common Algorithms that you would find in the College classroom setting. Algorithms is usually the class that everyone hates. I’m here to simplify it. Start.

High Level Intro to C Programming

C Programming Introduction

Ever wonder why C is so difficult. I find that if you understand the concepts thoroughly at a high level, you will understand them at code level too. Let’s tackle C at a high level. Start.

PHP Tutorials

Php fundamentals to get you ready

Let’s face it. There aren’t that many pure PHP jobs out there. PHP is used in the Laravel Framework, which is an extremely powerful MVC framework. Let’s learn the basics. Start

Dino Cajic’s Shorts

No, not my literal shorts. I created these short clips to knowledge dump anything else that may be stuck in my head, but may not fit into an article format or is something that is easily digestible in quick video format.

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