Do Software Engineers Need Project Managers?

A Symbiotic Relationship

If you’re a software engineer, you might think that project managers are just not that important. But the truth is, they are. A project manager has a completely different skill set than one who works on development alone: they need to know how to manage the project, lead capacity planning, and handle interpersonal relationships in order to successfully complete projects. In this article we will explore some of the differences between developers and project managers so that you can understand why these roles are so important for each profession.

Project Managers: Simply Explained

A project manager is a person who is responsible for the management of a project. They do not manage people (most of the time); they manage projects.

Project managers are responsible for planning, organizing, motivating and controlling their team members’ work on behalf of their client/boss/supervisor(s) as well as keeping track of all deadlines and other important aspects of running the project itself. They also act as liaison between departments within an organization so that everyone knows what needs to be done at any given time.

Project Managers and Their Skillsets

Project managers are responsible for the successful completion of projects. They are also responsible for the overall progress of their projects and the communication of this information to other stakeholders involved in their organization.

Project managers need to understand how to coordinate resources and project teams, so they can give them direction on what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. This can include:

  • managing schedules,
  • capacity planning,
  • ensuring that all requirements have been met by each department within your organization before moving forward with any additional changes or enhancements required by those departments’ projects.

The last bullet-point is handled by Business Analysts when applicable, otherwise the PM takes on that responsibility.

So, Do Software Engineers Need Project Managers?

Project managers are important for software engineers. They help to ensure that all of the different parts of a project get done on time and with quality.

Project managers are responsible for coordinating the multiple teams that are working together in order to complete the projects successfully. Without a project manager, software engineers would need to know how best to communicate with each member of those teams so that information flows smoothly; it’s significantly easier to have someone else there who can give advice when needed (like if something goes wrong), and also to make sure things stay moving forward smoothly throughout your entire team’s efforts.

Software engineers are often in charge of their own projects. They write code and test it, then they release it to users.

Regardless, it’s important for software developers to have someone else manage their projects — someone who can help keep the whole thing on track. This person will be in charge of things like communicating with clients and preparing budgets so that everyone knows exactly what they’re spending money on (and when).

Role of a Project Manager in Software Development

Project managers are responsible for the success of the project. They oversee all aspects of a software development project and ensure that it meets its goals and deadlines, while also being the face for the stakeholders (customers, employees).

Project managers work together with developers to schedule tasks and make sure they’re completed on time. A good PM can help managers understand what tools will be most useful for their team in order to streamline their workflow so that everyone has access to everything they need whenever they need it — whether that means switching out old versions or adding new features quickly after getting feedback from users about bugs or problems during testing phases.


A project manager plays a vital role in the development of software and other products. They have to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with the end result. They‘re important in every organization. Their work will save time and money while making sure their team delivers projects on time.


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