Why Aren’t Software Developers Starting Businesses?

Understanding the Entrepreneurship Dilemma

Have you ever wondered why software developers aren’t starting their own businesses? It’s a question that’s been on my mind for a long time. After all, there are so many apps out there today that could benefit from having someone in charge of the development and marketing process. The problem is that even though developers have the skills and knowledge necessary to build successful apps, most don’t want to go through all of the work involved in launching a company from scratch — especially when they could make more money doing something else instead.

Software developers are uniquely positioned to make money in the app world. But why aren’t they starting a business? If you’re a software developer and have been wondering why so many of your friends aren’t starting their own businesses, this article will help explain some of the reasons why.

Developing an app is easy. Developing a successful business around that app is harder.

If you’re developing an app, it’s easy. You write code, upload the file and wait for people to download it. That’s it — that’s all there is to it!

But if you want to build a successful business around that app, then things get much more complicated because now we have to deal with things like marketing (creating compelling content so people will share our posts), sales strategies and customer support issues (what happens when someone has problems with their purchase). These are just a few examples; there are many more processes involved in building an app-based business than simply writing code.

Why would software developers want to start a business?

Software developers can make a lot of money. If you’re a software developer, there are many ways that you can earn money from your skills and talents. You could start your own company or freelance for someone else’s company. Or maybe you already have a job in the industry, which allows for some flexibility with your schedule and earnings — it’s up to you how much time and energy you want to put into it!

App developers don’t have time to start a business.

Developers don’t have time to start a business. They’re already busy, and they’re focused on their day jobs.

Software developers are not interested in entrepreneurship or risk because it would take them away from what they do best: building software for other people who need it (or want it).

You don’t have market knowledge.

You need to know what your customers want, how to compete with other apps, how to market your app and generate revenue. If you don’t have any of those things down pat, then it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed in starting a business as a software developer.

It’s easy to hear that your app should “solve a problem.” Finding that problem is the difficult part. Usually that begins with you working in a particular field, experiencing frustration with particular software and then catching yourself saying, “if I only came up with this.”

There’s no guarantee it will work.

There’s no guarantee that your app will work. Marketing is hard, and it’s difficult to get users to download your app (or pay for it), come back and use it again, or recommend it to others. If you’re not a good marketer yourself, then getting others on board with marketing might be even harder than starting out yourself.


It’s critical to understand the unique position software developers have in the app world and how to use it to their advantage. Unfortunately, fear and planning is what keeps software developers from starting their own business, just like everyone else.


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