An Optimized Approach for Beginners You have friends that are developers or you just have that itch to start after seeing the developer lifestyle. It speaks to you and you’re eager to begin. You tell yourself that a month is enough to become proficient but you don’t know where to start. How Much Time Will It Take? Much more than a month; I can promise you that. This is what everyone goes through. For whatever reason, a large number of pre-programmers think that they can become developers in one month; some are more conservative and say three. Three months is

Selecting the Right Model for Your Company The SOW vs Time and Material debate. Both have their strengths and both have their weaknesses. There are a few things that we’ll discuss in this article that might convince you to go one way or another. I’ll post my preference at the end as well. What is an SOW? The Statement of Work is a legally binding document that outlines the activities, deliverables, and timetables to the client. It’s a contract that shows exactly what the software development agency will do for the client. It lists the agreed-upon requirements and how much

Understanding the Misperception I’ve built software, a lot of it. Reflecting back on the various projects, the consensus is always the same: people think that building software is easy. I’m here to tell you that its not. Who Are These Individuals? 100% of the time, these are people that don’t have any software development experience. Whether it’s a client that you’re working with or a person that wants to become a developer one day, the message is always the same. We’re not even going to cover what it takes to become a quality software developer. What we’re talking about here

Understanding the Entrepreneurship Dilemma Have you ever wondered why software developers aren’t starting their own businesses? It’s a question that’s been on my mind for a long time. After all, there are so many apps out there today that could benefit from having someone in charge of the development and marketing process. The problem is that even though developers have the skills and knowledge necessary to build successful apps, most don’t want to go through all of the work involved in launching a company from scratch — especially when they could make more money doing something else instead. Software developers

Streamlining, Scalability, and Seamless Collaboration It’s 2023 and we’re still having this conversation. I’m sitting here, writing this article and listening to the Lex Fridman’s interview with Ginni Rometty.     Early in the interview, Ginni mentions that the thing that they looked for from candidates wasn’t a college degree (even though they started off that way), instead it was a willingness to change. I’ve spoken to many senior developers that still don’t believe in Docker or how it might help them. They’re focused on the way that they’ve developed for the past 10 years and are not interested in