Creating a Local Copy for Peace of Mind I’ve been there myself. You spin up a WordPress site on a WordPress managed host and let it run. Great up until something just stops working and you can’t access your admin section. You wish that you had a local working copy of the website, and even better, a backup running elsewhere to quickly point your DNS to. There are many ways that you can do this but I’ll show you a simple approach that gets you setup quickly. This article assumes that you have a WordPress site running somewhere and Docker

Dockerizing Your Development Environment from Scratch   I frequently speak with individuals on how to setup work environments. There’s still a large community that rejects Docker; I’m assuming because they don’t know how to use it fully. In this article, I want to show how to use Docker to setup an environment on your computer. That’s all you need. You won’t need anything else and it doesn’t matter which operating system you’re using. Never will you have to worry about changing versions on your computer. You can do it all through Docker. New Projects If we visit the Laravel documentation,

Streamlining, Scalability, and Seamless Collaboration It’s 2023 and we’re still having this conversation. I’m sitting here, writing this article and listening to the Lex Fridman’s interview with Ginni Rometty.     Early in the interview, Ginni mentions that the thing that they looked for from candidates wasn’t a college degree (even though they started off that way), instead it was a willingness to change. I’ve spoken to many senior developers that still don’t believe in Docker or how it might help them. They’re focused on the way that they’ve developed for the past 10 years and are not interested in

Git Ready to git started with git. This article is meant to get you started with GIT fast. There won’t be too much clutter as this article can be used as a reference later on. The following installation will focus mainly on Windows users. 1 — Download Git: 2 — Install Git leaving everything as default 3 — Open the newly installed Git Bash Shell. You’ll also notice Git CMD and Git GUI have been installed. Git CMD and Git Bash will essentially have the same Git commands. Git GUI is a graphical way of using Git. 4 —