Grasping the Moment’s Unrepeatable Essence These words changed my life, but I don’t know if it’s for the better or for worse. I was in 10th grade and my brother was just starting middle school. He was obsessed with video games and I was cruising through High School. I never had to study for any subject then; I simply half-paid attention in class and got 100s on all my tests. I’m not bragging, it just happened. It was around this time that I liked to go out with my friends. Although I had a vision of where I wanted to

The Path to Financial Success for Developers Starting off as a developer, I know where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. If you’re a junior-to-mid-level developer, you’ll read through this article and brush it off. After-all, you’re going to be a lifelong developer, learning new programming languages along the way from now till the time you retire, while working on open-source projects for fun, possibly making an app in the meantime, and growing old, rich and happy. It was nice to be in that stage; everything was fun. Work was not stressful and working till midnight was

Understanding the Roadblocks Everywhere you turn, you’ll hear it: “stay consistent to achieve success.” Do a 100 day coding challenge to quickly boost your programming skills. Post 90 reels for 90 days on Instagram to kick-start your follower count. Exercise for 1 hour each day for the next 6 months and lose 20 pounds. 100 Day Recession Code Challenge None of what we just mentioned is bad advice. You know what to do. So why can’t you do it? The Mindset Shift is More Difficult Than Anticipated Most of us underestimate how much 90 days actually is. How many times

Where Coding and Project Management Skills Excel I joke around with my wife frequently that project management is the answer to life. But I’m only half joking. Once you understand project management, you can apply it to anything to get yourself organized and stand out from the rest. One of the main reasons that I’m confident that I can land a job in most companies is for my project management skills. Understanding that most people do not know project management well enough is an advantage that I take everywhere with. I’ll start at a new job, organize the company within

When Problems Loom, Rise to the Occasion   I’m sitting here with yet another thing to learn. When does it end? It never does. I’ve faced that reality years ago. Just when you think you’ve learned everything that you need for your job, a new system comes around, you find a new job with entirely new skillsets to master, etc. I work in the IT sector and the pace is outrageous. It may sound like a complaint but I personally love it. I love it because I don’t get overwhelmed anymore with anything that’s thrown at me. I see it

Daily Progress, Lasting Results   Why does this feel controversial to talk about? I know that it shouldn’t be, to encourage others to want to improve themselves, but for some reason it does. Now that I have that out there, let’s just dive into this. I believe the reason why people fail is because they start off way too aggressively with whatever they’re trying to improve, or they just don’t start at all. The amount of times that I’ve heard people say that they want to lose weight or get healthy and then immediately hit the gym for 3 hours

Small Habits, Big Strategy   I just started listening to the Atomic Habits audio book and I can relate more than I’ve ever related to any book. It’s something that I’ve said to most of my friends and family but never put that much thought into creating a book like James Clear did. I’m frequently asked how I have time in the day to achieve as much as I do. I think, secretly, that most people think that I’m lying when I tell them everything that I’ve done throughout my life. Each year brings significant changes and people can’t

Unleashing the Power of Purposeful Achievements   I noticed something about myself a few days ago. It’s something that I knew this whole time but it really hit home a couple of days ago when I thought about abandoning a goal. The goal that I’m about to share is not something that most people would find inspirational. It’s very materialistic :). The goal was to get an R35 GT-R by summer time of next year. I devised a list like I normally do: paint the interior of the house, finish the book on PHP, and finish the book on Laravel.

A Roadmap to Fulfillment and Success Uncertainty: You’ll go through it several times in your life. The tech sector moves lightning fast, so you’ll probably experience highs and lows numerous times throughout your career; it’ll be much faster than your non-tech counterparts. Just when you feel you have it figured out, you’ll have a wrench thrown into your plan. You’ll have to be adaptable and understand that sometimes you have to throw it away while other times you simply change your strategy. I believe that most of us understand that we’ll need to be lifelong learners from this point on.

The journey toward a more fulfilling life I was recently reading an article on happiness in America. The individuals moved out of America and became happier in the process. They stated, “it turns out that we don’t have mental health issues, we simply needed to be out of America.” This sounded strange to me. After all, America is the country that everyone wants to enter, not leave. However, I wanted to dissect this statement and figure out the root cause of it. It’s something that I’ve heard from friends and family that live abroad. It turns out that I didn’t