Practical Tips for a Big Impact Before I begin, I want to let you know that every person gets excited about their company and wants to spread the word as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there’s no cheating with this and you just have to put the work in. Well there is “a way to cheat,” but the risks far outweigh the rewards. Advertising is a strategic guessing game unfortunately. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. My Background I normally work closely with a company (usually a vendor) and will split my time between organic and paid advertisement (ads). I work

Have you struggled to find the time to post quality content? Whether it’s for your own brand or for your business, posting quality content takes time and dedication. You can always throw something random on your page, but that will hurt you more than it will help you. I’m in the process of doing just this and wanted to share my approach. It turns out that it’s all about proper planning. The Struggle If you’re anything like me, you have a full-time job that consumes a good chunk of your day. You have a family that consumes the other portion