The Stability of Developer Careers I’ve seen this question rise in popularity in the recent months. It’s not just software developers that are searching for the answer, everyone is wondering if their field is recession-proof. Software Developers are people too, contrary to what everyone I worked with says (we’re not robots), and they exhibit the most basic human emotion too, fear. Fear that they’ll lose their job. Fear that this is the time that companies decide that they’re overstaffed and start cutting back heavily, indefinitely. So, is the fear real or are developer jobs actually recession-proof? Let’s Start with the

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking at your stock portfolio getting destroyed. Crypto is way worse.  Bitcoin is below $19k  as of this writing.  Ethereum just hit below $900. I’m not even going to mention the other alt-coins. It seems that there are key players taking advantage of the situation for eventual gain.  Celsius froze everyone’s accounts. It’s just mayhem out there. What can you do about it? When it comes to your portfolio, it depends on what your risk tolerance is. Mine is relatively high. I’m in it, even if it hits $0. Talk of recession went from