Where Coding and Project Management Skills Excel I joke around with my wife frequently that project management is the answer to life. But I’m only half joking. Once you understand project management, you can apply it to anything to get yourself organized and stand out from the rest. One of the main reasons that I’m confident that I can land a job in most companies is for my project management skills. Understanding that most people do not know project management well enough is an advantage that I take everywhere with. I’ll start at a new job, organize the company within

What Really Shapes Your Journey There was a period of time recently where everyone wanted to learn to code, quickly. People would come to me and ask me for guidance related to learning to code and going to a 12 to 20 week bootcamp in order to do so. Is this enough time to learn to code? Can I get a job after I go through this bootcamp. Yes and no, respectively. It’s not enough time to become a developer, but surprisingly, it is enough time to get you a job. We’ll look at the reasoning behind it in this