Pursuing a Computer Science Major Without Prior Experience This is the number one question that I get from those that are serious about pursuing a degree in Computer Science. It seems that they know that a Computer Science degree is not a Programming degree, even though most individuals get their CS degrees for that reason. Why? Because most Universities do not offer a Programming degree. So, do you need to know programming in order to obtain a Computer Science degree? The answer should be yes, but frequently it’s no. What is Computer Science? Computer Science is the “study of computers and computational

It doesn’t matter which degree you’re pursuing, the last thing that you want to happen is to feel like you wasted your money. How do you succeed in a Computer Science program? What is the optimal approach that you should take so that when you graduate with your B.S. in Computer Science, you’ll be ready for the workforce? I’ve gone through it and will share what worked for me when it comes to Computer Science Success. Hopefully these tips will work for you also. Proper Notes As easy as you may believe that taking notes is, it’s not as intuitive