There are many causes of burnout. We’ve all experienced the Covid burnout: not being able to cope with the new lifestyle. Something just feels uneasy and your work degrades. You’re bombarded with negative news day and night. You lived in constant fear. There was no clear light at the end of the tunnel. The constant stress and anxiety caused your mind and your body to exhibit an elevated response and you crashed, hard. Now that we’ve returned to some sense of normalcy, we can get back to our normal burnout cycle. Burnout Cycle Each person is different with their tolerance,

The Imposter Syndrome. It’s so common of a term in software development that it’s not even necessary to define, but we’re still going to for the readers that may not have been exposed to the term. The imposter syndrome sums down to  feeling like a fraud. You’re constantly doubting your abilities and you believe that you don’t deserve the position that you just received. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, everyone in software development goes through this phase. The Various Syndromes Exhibited by Developers If you haven’t started exhibiting the imposter syndrome, it’s most likely because you’re still too