Driving Innovation and Growth   Too much business or too much technology. That’s what you’ll be presented with when getting introduced to individuals in the IT leadership space. Each have their benefits and each have their flaws. The ultimate goal is an individual with both technology and business sense, but it consistently seems difficult to find. I primarily interact with IT leadership positions that have either of the two qualities, but not both. It’s a difficult concept to explain to each since they’re so focused and set in their ways. It’s counterproductive to the organization to have either, unless the

Regardless of the intention, if you come into an organization outside of an IT role and immediately divert your attention towards IT, you will be judged. The IT department is there to assist other departments, no question about that. I don’t want you to think that we’re talking about people that need tools in order to perform their jobs. No, these are the individuals that will write you an email on day one of starting their position and tell you exactly what IT needs to do to improve the organization. The other group is the group that’s barely holding on

IT’s The Same Old STuff Each Day. Not Really. Daily work is always different for an IT leader. No two days are alike and that’s what makes it fun sometimes and stressful other times. There are dozens of recurring daily tasks, but we’ll just cover 5 in this article. Purchase Requests The email that I absolutely love to get is the Purchase Request. Everything always runs smoothly. IT gets exactly what they want, finance approves it no questions asked and purchasing creates that Purchase Order promptly.  I hope you can sense the sarcasm. I get a minimum of five PR’s