This article is not about security. It’s not about established products that are circulating the market. It’s about getting started with software development from the POV of a developer that loves to over-engineer everything. If you’ve read anything that I’ve written previously, you’ll know that I subscribe to the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) mindset. When most developers hear MVP, they think about fast turnaround and low-quality code. What most don’t understand is that you can define MVP to fit your mindset. What’s the Problem? The problem is that some developers feel like they need the requirements presented to them in

The Developers death call.   MVP Software Development. No, not Most Valuable Player. In tech-talk, it stands for Minimum Viable Product. It’s something that is such a simple concept, yet everywhere I turn, I run into a roadblock with developers trying to create the next Picasso instead of the simple coloring book. It seems like these articles are everywhere. How is it that it doesn’t stick with developers? It could be that these articles are catered towards me and not to the all-encompassing developer community. I don’t think that’s 100% true. So, why is it that developers hear it but