From Creation to Deletion: MySQL’s Complete Data Toolkit What are CRUD operations? Create, Read, Update, Delete. That’s what we have created over the last few articles. The last piece of the puzzle is to combine them into one file that knows how to manage our authors table. If you’re jumping straight into this article, I recommend that you read the earlier articles leading up to this one first. You don’t need to, but it’ll help. MySQL Introduction MySQL DB Connection MySQL Tables MySQL Insert MySQL Insert with Prepared Statements MySQL Insert Multiple Records with Prepared Statements MySQL Select MySQL Update (PUT vs

The Art of Data Retrieval We’ve gone through the insertion process and have a few records inserted inside of our authors table. Now what? A common task is to retrieve those entries and display them on the screen. That’s where the SELECT statement comes through. A Simple Select Statement For the selection to work, we need to: Connect to the database Pass our select query Retrieve the results, which is just the rows of data. Loop through each of the results and extract data for each row that was returned. Close the connection Straight forward. Let’s isolate the selection process first. It