Cultivating Miniature Worlds through Sub-Namespace If you can define namespaces, then it’s no different to define sub-namespaces. We’re also going to look at classes with the same name from different sub-namespaces and how we’re going to handle those naming conflicts that still might arise. Recap: Review where we left off last time. The only difference is that we changed the namespace from CoolCars to Vehicles. If we start with our Car class, we can see that it belongs to the Vehicles namespace. <?php namespace Vehicles; require_once(‘Vehicle.php’); require_once(‘Engine.php’); require_once(‘Transmission.php’); class Car extends Vehicle { //… } What we want is for

Just a virtual directory trick Namespaces are used throughout numerous programming languages. If you’re familiar with Java, you might have heard of the term package. A package is a namespace in Java. The package allows the developer to group similar code together. In the simplest sense, a package is a folder or a directory. Namespaces give the programmer the ability to reuse class names in different contexts. The easiest way to look at namespaces from a non-programming perspective is through the convention on how people are named. My parents gave me the first name Dino. Although there are probably