Strings bend to your will with PHP’s dynamic functions This article is all about string functions. These are simple built-in functions that require little to grasp. They’re conveniently named to simplify what the operations will accomplish. After we finish string functions, we’ll move on to array functions, which are just as simple. trim(),  ltrim() ,  rtrim() htmlspecialchars() __call() preg_match() filter_var() addslashes() str_replace() strlen() strtolower() strtoupper() ucfirst() strpos(), stripos(), strrpos(), strripos() Array Functions like: array_chunk(), array_diff(), array_key_exists(), array_key_first(), array_key_last(), array_map(), array_merge(), array_push(), array_sum(), asort(), arsort(), count(), in_array(), ksort(), krsort(), sort(), rsort(), shuffle(), sizeof(), is_array(), explode(), implode() Magic Methods like: __invoke(), __toString() Addslashes() Starting off