Choosing Your Tech Journey People that are just starting out their learning journey have the tendency of asking this question. Web Development is a Programming type. Mobile App Development is another type. What I’ve found is that Programming usually means software development using Java or Python languages that run on the user’s machine and web development means using a web-based language to produce web-applications. Now that we have clarity around the question, it’s time to formulate the answer. I’m a big believer of learning to program using an object oriented programming language first before deciding to specialize. Picking a language

Overcoming Challenges to Keep Programming It’s been a few years since I’ve transitioned my role out of software development and into management. I remember after the first 6 months, I jumped back into some code and realized how much of a refresher I needed. It wasn’t just the code that I was having a difficult time with, it was the overall structure of the project. It didn’t take long for me to pump out code again at the same level (about a week or two), but it was an eye-opening experience: I couldn’t believe how much I forgot in such