Must-Read Books for Software Engineers As a software engineer, you’re probably familiar with the term “trendy” code, which are terms that refer to any sort of code that’s been written in the past 10 years. But after spending time reading about software engineering on blogs and forums, I’ve noticed that some books from older periods have lost popularity. This post will be an introduction to some classic and timeless books for anyone who wants to learn more about software engineering. The C Programming Language The C Programming Language is a classic. It’s a must-read for any software engineer, and it’s

Kickstart Your Software Engineering Journey Software engineering is a fast-growing field, and there are many opportunities to get into it. But what does it mean to be a software engineer? What skills do you need? And how can you make sure the right path is taken? In this post, I’ll walk through ten ways that you can start with your passion for computers and get into software engineering. 1. Find out what software engineers do. Software engineers design and build software, but they’re also problem solvers, creative thinkers and communicators. Their job is to work in teams on complex projects