Customizing DataTables in Vue/Laravel A request came in that’s not completely out of the norm, but something that stumped me for a few hours. It wasn’t anything revolutionary. It was something that I’ve done before with a different type of implementation, but never like this. The request was, “can we add a dropdown list so that when we select an option, it would only load those items into the DataTables table. We want all of the items to load first and then if we need to narrow it down further, we’d like to have that capability.” Implementing this using Vue/jQuery

Grasping the Moment’s Unrepeatable Essence These words changed my life, but I don’t know if it’s for the better or for worse. I was in 10th grade and my brother was just starting middle school. He was obsessed with video games and I was cruising through High School. I never had to study for any subject then; I simply half-paid attention in class and got 100s on all my tests. I’m not bragging, it just happened. It was around this time that I liked to go out with my friends. Although I had a vision of where I wanted to

Understanding Programmer Sentiments Toward Web Dev There are two types of people in the programming sector: those that love learning and those that don’t. The majority of developers are lifelong learners, but there is a percentage that do not want to keep learning new concepts. At millions of developers, even a small percentage can appear quite large. But this isn’t the full story. First, Some Background. There are numerous different paths that you can follow in order to be a web-developer. The three main categories are: front-end, back-end, and full-stack. Front-end developers focus on the, you guessed it, front-end. Their

Configuring XAMPP PHP in Windows 10 Environment Variables If you’re using XAMPP on your Windows 10 machine, and would like to add the php command so that it’s usable in command prompt, you’re in the right place. Start by typing in Environment Variables in your Search and click on the Edit the system environment variables result. In the System Properties window click Environment Variables. Make sure that you’re on the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the Path variable and click Edit. Click on the Browse button. Navigate to C:/xampp/php and click OK. You will now see the path to php inside the window. Click OK to exit. Restart your Command Prompt window if it’s open and type in: php -v You

Mastering Email Testing and Sending in PHP Testing and sending emails are very important aspects of email deliverability. There are various standards and authentication such as SMTP and MIME, Base64 and DKIM that must be followed if you are using PHP based online-services to test and send emails. There has been a rise in the number of alternative methods that we may use to test and send emails with PHP throughout the years, which will be discussed in this post. Let’s get started! Table of Contents Testing Emails in PHP Email Testing Checklist Various methods for testing emails in PHP Sending

Considering IT as the Main Strategist I’ve been in the industry for about 15 years now. I’ve gone through the various stages of software development and ended up in management; I personally prefer the fusion of IT and business. It seems that corporations like it too. The issue arrises when the business side starts to believe that IT should make business strategies just because it “sounds IT.” Imagine something as simple as shipping on a website. If you were to ask me how long it would take to incorporate shipping, depending on the platform, I would usually say a few

BI Decision-Making with Imperfect Data It’s human nature. Individuals believe that data must be perfect in order to start making decisions. To get around this deeply engraved notion, business needs to shift focus from “I need the data to be 100% accurate if you want me to tell you xyz” to “my tolerance to data accuracy is x%. As long as I can see trends from the data that’s provided, I can start making informed decisions.” This is not related to blatantly wrong data. If your company is doing a $100 million in revenue per year, but your BI tool

Navigating the Early Dev Career I’ve been asked a few times by Junior Developers what advice I have for them. They normally see that I’ve programmed in numerous different programming languages and want to know how I got there. My advice is somewhat different than what you might expect. There are people that went to college, worked an internship, and landed a job with a major company. I decided not to take that approach. This is only my opinion and might not be the best solution for everyone. I believe this will best be received by people with an entrepreneurial

Practical Tips for a Big Impact Before I begin, I want to let you know that every person gets excited about their company and wants to spread the word as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there’s no cheating with this and you just have to put the work in. Well there is “a way to cheat,” but the risks far outweigh the rewards. Advertising is a strategic guessing game unfortunately. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. My Background I normally work closely with a company (usually a vendor) and will split my time between organic and paid advertisement (ads). I work

Rapid Deployment to DigitalOcean Although you can deploy a Laravel application hundreds of different ways, I wanted to share a quick way to deploy a Laravel app in DigitalOcean to get you started. Assumptions You have a Laravel application that you’re trying to deploy. You have a Digital Ocean account. If you don’t, it’s really simple to sign up. Your Laravel Application is on GitHub or Bitbucket. Droplet Log into your Digital Ocean account and click on the Create -> Droplets button. You will be brought to a screen that looks like the one below. The default Distributions tab will be selected, but we don’t want to spend that much time on optimizing our