Configuring GoDaddy with DigitalOcean In another article, I write about how to deploy a Laravel Application to DigitalOcean. Now, we have to point the domain to the Droplet so that people don’t have to type in an IP address. DigitalOcean Once you log into your DigitalOcean account, click on the Networking tab in the left sidebar. In the image below, it’s the third link from the bottom. You’ll be brought to the networking screen with the Load Balancers tab selected. You’ll want to click on the Domains tab to move to the Domains section. Enter your domain name. In my instance, I’ll enter Click on the Add

The Path to Financial Success for Developers Starting off as a developer, I know where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. If you’re a junior-to-mid-level developer, you’ll read through this article and brush it off. After-all, you’re going to be a lifelong developer, learning new programming languages along the way from now till the time you retire, while working on open-source projects for fun, possibly making an app in the meantime, and growing old, rich and happy. It was nice to be in that stage; everything was fun. Work was not stressful and working till midnight was

What Truly Makes Developers Happy Wouldn’t it be nice if all developers were just happy at work? The chance of that occurring is close to zero, however, there are a few things that actually make developers happy. Clear Requirements You would think that the client would be ecstatic to provide you with exactly what they want. That’s never the case. Either they don’t know how to gather their thoughts correctly or they don’t want to pay for an expert to guide them through. What you receive most of the time is a loose collection of notes, scribbles, power point slides,

An Optimized Approach for Beginners You have friends that are developers or you just have that itch to start after seeing the developer lifestyle. It speaks to you and you’re eager to begin. You tell yourself that a month is enough to become proficient but you don’t know where to start. How Much Time Will It Take? Much more than a month; I can promise you that. This is what everyone goes through. For whatever reason, a large number of pre-programmers think that they can become developers in one month; some are more conservative and say three. Three months is

Tips for Developer Job Seekers You’ve applied to hundreds of places and nobody’s calling. What gives? You keep hearing that the market is hot, but you’re not getting any calls. You start questioning your abilities. Maybe you’re not as good as you thought you were. The imposter syndrome starts creeping in. Don’t be so hard on yourself; it’s not your abilities, it’s your resume. The Resume You’re proud of your resume, and you should be. You’ve worked hard to get your skills to where they’re at and you want people to know about them. You place your entire skillset on

Scenarios Where They Fall Short If you think this article is going to be about developers not knowing how to use Unit Tests, that’s not what it’s about. Unit testing is an art form in its own right. When a developer has extensive experience in writing unit tests, the application becomes beautiful. No more random bugs that you have to tackle in a class that you didn’t even touch but was affected by your code elsewhere. No more wasting unnecessary time; just run the tests after your changes and watch them go. You could argue that even if the developer

Habits that Define Top Software Developers Observing the way that software developers work, you’ll notice a trend appear: each have deep routed habits. These habits are at the core of what makes a developer a quality software developer. 1. They Got Over the Fear You know the fear I’m talking about. The client calls late in the afternoon and their website is down. They’re losing thousands of dollars and need the application running now. They need someone to get in, take a look, and quickly modify code (if necessary) on the production side to get the app back up and

Pursuing a Computer Science Major Without Prior Experience This is the number one question that I get from those that are serious about pursuing a degree in Computer Science. It seems that they know that a Computer Science degree is not a Programming degree, even though most individuals get their CS degrees for that reason. Why? Because most Universities do not offer a Programming degree. So, do you need to know programming in order to obtain a Computer Science degree? The answer should be yes, but frequently it’s no. What is Computer Science? Computer Science is the “study of computers and computational

Choosing Your Tech Journey People that are just starting out their learning journey have the tendency of asking this question. Web Development is a Programming type. Mobile App Development is another type. What I’ve found is that Programming usually means software development using Java or Python languages that run on the user’s machine and web development means using a web-based language to produce web-applications. Now that we have clarity around the question, it’s time to formulate the answer. I’m a big believer of learning to program using an object oriented programming language first before deciding to specialize. Picking a language

Selecting the Right Model for Your Company The SOW vs Time and Material debate. Both have their strengths and both have their weaknesses. There are a few things that we’ll discuss in this article that might convince you to go one way or another. I’ll post my preference at the end as well. What is an SOW? The Statement of Work is a legally binding document that outlines the activities, deliverables, and timetables to the client. It’s a contract that shows exactly what the software development agency will do for the client. It lists the agreed-upon requirements and how much