Setting the Stage: Database Configuration for the Car Management Project Time to get our hands dirty and start working on this project. What we want to do is have a Car Management system for our car collection. We’ll add items like the image of our car, the year, make, model, estimated value, etc. Laravel — P34: Introduction to the Car Management Project Database Schema Let’s see what this system schema needs to look like. To generate the content, we’ll need to create 5 different migrations. To help speed up the process, we know that we’ll need 4 models along with

Laravel Database Mastery: Starting Your Data Journey Why database and not a model intro you may ask. A model is just class that communicates with a specific table in the database. I’m a true believer that you should understand a topic at a high level before you jump into creating code for it. Let’s take a moment to discuss the database and how Laravel interacts with it. What is a Database? It’s not going to be that type of basic article, but just so that we’re all on the same page, a database is a place where you store data.