Setting the Stage: Database Configuration for the Car Management Project Time to get our hands dirty and start working on this project. What we want to do is have a Car Management system for our car collection. We’ll add items like the image of our car, the year, make, model, estimated value, etc. Laravel — P34: Introduction to the Car Management Project Database Schema Let’s see what this system schema needs to look like. To generate the content, we’ll need to create 5 different migrations. To help speed up the process, we know that we’ll need 4 models along with

An Introduction to a Laravel Car Management Project We’ve made it past the introductory phase and are ready to put our knowledge to the test. In the next few articles, we’re going to be making a car management system. Laravel — P33: Seeders If you haven’t taken a look at the first 33 articles, we’ve gone through a lot. We covered the installation process, directory structure basics, basic routing, views (both blade and component based), controllers, models, and database operations, which include Models, migrations, Factories, and Seeders. Most of these have been on a pure introductory level and we’ll come