Navigating arrays is an art, and PHP’s functions are your paintbrushes Getting close to completion. In the last article we looked at string functions and in this one we’re going to take a look at all the various and common array functions. trim(),  ltrim() ,  rtrim() htmlspecialchars() __call() preg_match() filter_var() addslashes() str_replace() strlen() strtolower() strtoupper() ucfirst() strpos() , stripos() , strrpos() , strripos() Array Functions like:  array_chunk(), array_diff(), array_key_exists(), array_key_first(), array_key_last(), array_map(), array_merge(), array_push(), array_sum(), asort(), arsort(), count(), in_array(), ksort(), krsort(), sort(), rsort(), shuffle(), sizeof(), is_array(), explode(), implode() Magic Methods like: __invoke(), __toString() array_chunk() If you have an array,