But I don’t wanna Decrement. PHP increment and decrement operators: these are operators that either add 1 or subtract 1 from the current value. The operators can be prefixed or post-fixed and will yield slightly different results each time. Increment Operator: ++ Decrement Operator: — Normally, to add 1 to a value, you would use the addition operator.   <?php $a = 5; $a = $a + 1; var_dump($a); ?>   In the example above, you evaluate the expression on the right, $a + 1, which becomes 6, and then you assign the value back to $a, on the

  So You Want to Compare Stuff? PHP Comparison Operators, or relational operators, test some type of relation between two values. We’ve seen a few comparison operators in math, such as greater-than and less-than; in PHP, we have a few more comparison operators at our disposal. The relational operators that we’re going to be looking at are: Greater-than: > Greater-than-or-equal-to: ≥ Less-than: < Less-than-or-equal-to: ≤ Equal-to: == Identical-to: === Not-equal-to: != or <> Not-identical-to: !== Spaceship operator: <=> The comparison operator, whichever one you choose, will evaluate to either true or false. If we say, 3 > 2, what we’re

What’s Arithmetic? Arithmetic deals with the study of numbers, especially with operations on those numbers, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In mathematics, those operations are called arithmetic operations. Arithmetic operators are then the operators that are used in arithmetic operations. In PHP, we have a few arithmetic operators. They include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, modulus, and exponential operators. Let’s just run through the basic ones first. I mean, after all, it is just basic math.   <?php $a = 2 + 2; // $a = 4 $b = 5 – 3; // $b = 2 $c = $a

What do you mean assignment? I thought I was out of school. The assignment operator (=) assigns the value, or expression, to the variable; and yes, it’s different from the equality comparison operator (==). This is one of the most commonly made mistakes for beginner programmers: using the assignment operator when a comparison operator is required. The following syntax is required for the PHP assignment operator:   $variable = value (or expression)   The assignment takes the expression on the right and assigns it to the variable on the left.   <?php // Assign a value to a variable $best_php_tutorial_youtuber