Scary or Amazing? The good part is that Chat GPT is still underutilized. Most people have heard about it by now, but most are not using it. If they did, they would see just how powerful it really is. Even when they do, it’ll take some time for them to understand how to communicate with it. For the developer community, it’s pretty simple and we’re understanding the scope of its capabilities…and it’s frightening. I started noticing a downward trend in the last month with my articles. They’re getting less interaction and even the earning is a quarter of what it

A glimpse into the impending AI evolution There have been many pivotal moments in tech-history. I say this because I truly believe we’re on another verge. GPT-4 is incredibly impressive. It has about a 100 trillion parameters. Our brains have about 86 billion neurons and roughly a 100 trillion synapses. It’s incredibly quick and can generate unique responses for each of your questions. I’ve already transitioned to using it for most of my searches. I even asked myself, “has Google always been this bad?” We’re starting to get spoiled. What were some of the other pivotal moments in tech-history? Invention